Masseuse Mixup

I’ve been back to the same place for a Thai massage five times. Visits 2 and 3 were with the same masseuse. She is by far the best one for me so I returned yesterday intending to request her services. Uh … I remembered her name, sort of, but wasn’t clear on what she looked like.

Scooter parking is right in front of the place. The girls without customers are usually sitting outside trying to drum up business. As soon as my helmet was off one of them welcomed me back and asked if I wanted a Thai massage today. Said yes, but said I wanted the same woman I’d seen twice before but wasn’t sure which one she was. She replied that she was the one. I hesitated, knowing that somebody was going to speak up if I didn’t know who I wanted, whether or not they had ever seen me before. She saw my hesitation and said the she remembered me because of the sounds I made when the massage got painful. Then imitated them accurately, much to my surprise and her co-workers amusement.

Took a photo so I can find her again. This is Tuka. Or Tukta, or something like that.

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