Two Beach Houses

The beach front at the south end of Hua Hin is a mix of condos, big chain hotels, boutique hotels, private homes and a few locals who are still doing what they were doing before tourism jacked up property values. The lots are long and narrow, running from the road on the left side of the photo below to the beach. To give you an idea of the type of neighborhood, The property labeled ‘A’ is the Baan Chai Talay condos. Most luxury condos in HH go for about 35,000 B a month (~$1166) during the high season, the ones at Baan Chai Talay are 80,000 B (~$2666). The property labeled ‘D’ is one of the best resort spas on the planet. Houses B and C are private residences with the beach for a front yard and really long back yards.

House B is not too shabby for what is someone’s beach cottage. Or one of their beach cottages.

House C is just shabby.

I thought House C might be suffering complete neglect until I saw the spirit house at the corner of the lot. There were fresh flour and plant offerings. Maybe the guard lives on site and does the daily offering?

It doesn’t matter that lot B has a fabulous house and C’s house is falling down. Somebody wants to buy the land, tear everything down and build a hotel.


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