Preparing for the Cold

The temps have been between 24-32 C (75 – 90 F) lately in Hua Hin. Forecast for Chiang Mai is 12-34 C (54 – 93 F) for the week. But that’s not the cold I’m concerned about. I have a fleece jacket, long underwear and two pair of long pants so if I layer up I’ll be fine at night. Its the air conditioned bus I have to prep for.

Bus sounds nice. Only 32 seats. Snack and beverages included in the fare. Two drivers should mean less likelihood of a fatigue induced accident. Positive trip reports on the net. But the reports also say this firm’s buses are cold enough to freeze the balls off a pool table. So are all the other private bus lines, for that matter. Passengers are given a blanket, but that plus wearing everything else one brought often isn’t enough. Yikes.

Then I read a post from someone who rode during the day who said it the temperature was OK. Of course. Most travelers do their long distance bus rides at night. Any AC is probably too much. Trip starts at 8am, so I’m putting the fleece in the bag that will be stashed under the bus. I’m hoping that some combination of long underwear top, T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, long pants, shoes & socks and the expected blanket will do the trick. If not, I’ll post pictures of the resulting goose bumps.


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