Seasonal Thoughts

The first significant rain has come, the number of tourists was already in decline. Cumulonimbus clouds boil above the eastern mountains showing the inland areas are heating up, which will bring both rain and the winds associated with peak kite boarding season. March and April are the hottest months but also the windiest so it’s actually more comfortable than subsequent months with less breeze.

Sometimes I think I wasted too much of the cool weather. Had the same thoughts about not putting a season to best use during the 7 years when I lived in places that had seasons worth noting. Then it didn’t matter so much because, like Cubs fans, I could always look to next year. Maybe I should set a reminder in my calendar for the beginning of next winter that the number of ‘next years’ is finite.

Spent some time this morning looking into increased comfort for the upcoming sweat and Gatorade months. A screen door to the balcony would help keep the bugs out. I usually close it before 4 because that’s when the mozzies (Aussie for mosquitos) come out to feed, but the breeze often lasts for another hour. The room has a wall mounted fan, another small one under the desk would help.

So, does thinking about room improvements mean I’m not looking for a better apartment? Don’t have any reasons to move. Every other place I saw that didn’t have a kitchen was smaller and had poorer ventilation. There are times when a kitchen would be nice, but that would triple the rent*. Don’t want a kitchen anywhere near that bad.

*Unless I rented an unfurnished house. Don’t want to take that big a step anywhere near that bad.

So, does thinking about room improvements mean I’m not looking to leave Hua Hin or the country? Yes, for now. Wouldn’t surprise me if I found myself in the same apartment at the beginning of the next tourist season. Or if I left it empty for big chunks of that tourist season while I traveled outside of Thailand.


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