US Income Taxes and FBAR probably doesn’t want customers like me. Federal filing is free but there is a fee for state taxes. Florida makes it easy for expats to claim residency and doesn’t have state income taxes. Sorry TaxAct. They also charge a small fee for making electronic payment if one owes tax. As if. That’s two years in a row with zero tax owed. They may not want me as a customer but I like them as a service provider.

Once nice thing about being an expat in the Internet age is that one doesn’t have to visit an embassy or consulate to pick up tax forms – though I did see stacks of them on a visit last year. Does anyone with a computer still do taxes by hand?

Related to income but unrelated to the IRS is the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) requirement that I stumbled across while determining if I had to report the interest on my Thai bank account. Between money laundering, tax evasion and terrorism, the feds want to know about foreign bank accounts. Of course I complied. Form available here.


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