Health Insurance for Expats, Part Deux

I’ve been accepted for the health insurance I wrote about a month ago. It’s the Asia Expat plan from April Mobolite, which is part of a large French insurance group. Found out I had some of the facts wrong.

>It includes coverage while traveling for up to 3 continuous months outside of SE Asia (except for the expensive countries of Bahamas, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and the US of A)

The coverage while traveling outside of the country of residence (Thailand, not SE Asia) is only for accidents and only for 60 days. I’ll look into travel health insurance before venturing outside of Thailand.

>and up to two months in my country of citizenship.

Actually, it’s up to 90 days.

There were two options, inpatient only or inpatient plus outpatient. Choose inpatient only because routine costs are low here. Also docs know most expats don’t have outpatient insurance so they admit for things that would be outpatient in America.

Beat myself up a little for not buying insurance earlier because now I have an existing condition (GERD) that is not covered. Nothing I can do about that, so I let it go. Then I realized in 95% of people with GERD the only treatment they ever have is drugs, which I never expected to get insurance for. Looks like I got lucky.

Not so lucky with the lifestyle changes to combat acid reflux. I don’t mind the smaller meals, chewing thoroughly and having to time pills in relation to meals. What I do mind is not being able to lie down for 2 – 3 hours after a meal. There goes my afternoon naps and reading while lying down after dinner. I’ve been monitoring closely my body’s reaction to what I’ve been eating because the best treatment for acid reflux is to avoid anything that causes heartburn, no matter how minor. Looks like I’m going to have to give up both coffee and green curry. Boo.


2 Responses to Health Insurance for Expats, Part Deux

  1. Ellen says:

    Have you tried using a bed wedge for your GERD? If you can sleep reclining as opposed to flat then that will make all your problems go away. I use one for a different reason and I love it. You can get one from that can be used three different ways, or they also have a plain one with only the equivalent of the lowest angle of the convertible one — if you’re only ever going to use the lowest angle, get this one because otherwise you have to do a workaround with the convertible one to get the right angle and not have your feet end up hanging over the end of the bed.

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