Unexpected Risk of Bathroom Cleaners

Because of my, uh, ‘infrequent’ bathroom cleanings I’ve worn gloves while using chemical cleaners ever since getting my first apartment. I’m glad that habbit continued in Thailand.

Yesterday I went to pick up another bottle of the bathroom cleaner I’ve been using, then decided to try something new because it wasn’t effective as I’d like. Labels are in Thai, of course, but some had an English phrase or two on them. Grabbed a likely suspect, then turned it over to see if there was any English on the back. There was. Gulp. Immediately picked up a bottle of the stuff I’d been using and read it’s label. Gulp.

Thai bathroom cleaners contain Hydrochloric Acid. The brand with the highest proprotion had English precautions and what to do if ingested, contact with skin and contact with eyes (photos below). Never before have I thought at the same time about safety goggles and cleaning the bathroom. Or wearing shoes and having to clean them afterwards.




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