Did Not Participate in Songkran

One’s first Songkran festival is often one’s last, at least according to almost all of my fellow expats. Last year was big fun with extra annoyance as the day progressed. This year I didn’t want to have an accident because I was hit in the face with a bucket of ice water while riding the scooter. Didn’t want to be blinded by an ice chip in water hurled at my face. Didn’t want to accidentally ingest canal water because I don’t even drink the tap water. Didn’t want to deal with drunks who use the festival as an excuse to do anti-social things. None of those things happened to me last year, except dealing with drunks, and odds were low they wouldn’t happen this year, except for dealing with drunks. Still, once was enough.

Maybe if I had a water proof camera…

I did suffer one side effect of all the ice vendors in town supplying ice yesterday to those with a barrel and a hose. Couldn’t get a smoothie at my favorite place this morning because the ice man never showed.

One Response to Did Not Participate in Songkran

  1. susiekew says:

    there was a clip on the evening news showing a huge crowd using everything from little water pistols to huge water cannons spraying everyone. that would be fun. a bucket of ice water in the face? not so much … 😀

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