Pattaya: Six and a Half Years Later

Spent a few days in Pattaya on my first trip to Thailand. Hadn’t been to a Tourist Disneyland yet so went for the spectacle. Haven’t found a reason to return until a friend planned a trip to Thailand that included going there after visiting me in Hua Hin. Went to Pattaya to spend more time with him and to see if my opinion of Pattaya had changed.

At first the hustle and bustle of the big city had it’s appeal but that wore off. There would be advantages to living there. It has more of everything, including variety. Cost of living is significantly lower than HH. Enough Americans call it home to have USA professional sports on TV. It’s closer to Bangkok. The air quality means I can’t live there even if I wanted to, butt it does have a certain appeal.

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