It’s Different Feeding a Soi Dog With Puppies

Feeding a soi dog is easy until other dogs notice. They all know what a generic plastic bag with leftovers looks like. They also spot someone coming out of an apartment carrying a plastic bowl.

Until now virtually all of my feeding has been giving dog treats to Blinky. She’s crippled, is the smallest of the pack that hangs at and around my apartment, and had by far the worst health when I moved in. A friend and neighbor gets all the credit for nursing Blinky into a happy and healthy dog with a bad limp. When I did feed her from a bowl or plastic bag other dogs would arrive. The dominant one would push in until Blinky backed away from what was left of the food. Needless to say, when someone feeds soi dogs here, the pooches try to get it from bowl to stomach as quick as possible.

A few days ago we became aware a dog had dropped a litter in the grass and scrap lumber filled lot next door. Can’t pay much attention to the pups yet because if past odds hold true, soon after they start wandering 4 of the 6 will be road kill. It’s easier to wait to see who survives before getting attached.

But I can attend to their mama. She’s clearly taking care of them. Has them hidden among the scrap lumber. She and a male dog come over to investigate when people stop because they see or hear the pups.

At first I thought there was 3 pups but then heard 3 others in another location a few yards away. They’re surviving on milk, so I decided to feed mama something better than the leftovers plus rice usually put out for the dogs. All I had was a can of tuna packed in oil. Put that in the dog bowl and headed over.

She smelled the food, came out from under the car and began eating as if she had all the time in the world. I looked around and saw three dogs nearby. None had moved from where they were sleeping a few moments ago, but now all were attending to the feeding. Mama licked the bowl clean and still none of the other dogs had moved. Appears to me instinct tells them let a nursing mother eat as much as she wants.

Some of the pups stay under the plywood sheet on the right.

Under the plywood.


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  1. […] The lot next door has been a scrap lumber yard for a few months. Workers began hauling away the rest of the wood a few days after the puppies appeared. […]

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