Air Pollution Mask

Before I left the states I thought about air pollution masks for use when traveling through cities with craptacular air. Dust masks are cheap, easy to find and one size fits most. Drawbacks are they often don’t fit well, don’t stop small particles and must be thrown away after becoming clogged.

Industrial grade masks are made from pliable material so they fit well. Most have replaceable cartridges so one can tailor the cartridge to the specific hazardous material. But they’re heavy and expensive. And they may not do the job in countries where the claims on the label doesn’t necessarily correspond to the product in the box because of counterfeiting, corruption or the simple rip-off.

What I couldn’t find was an inexpensive lightweight mask made from a pliable material that could be trimmed to fit and used a replaceable cartridge designed to filter air pollution particulate matter. Until now. I learned about the Totobobo anti-pollution mask from a review on the Cool Tools website. The Cool Tools article has photos of the reviewer’s filters after riding a bike through various cities.

Made by a Singapore company that takes web orders and ships worldwide.


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