How Poor is the Philippines?

It started with a link on that was the English translation of the order given at the end of WWII for all U-Boats to cease hostilities. That lead to a story on the last Atlantic naval battle of the war. Got curious about the destroyer escort that sunk the last U-Boat. Found she was:

  • Built and commissioned in the US Navy in 1943
  • Decommissioned in 1945
  • Transfered to the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and commissioned in 1955
  • Japan decommissioned and returned her to the US Navy in 1975
  • Transferred to the Philippine Navy in 1976
  • Refitted and modernized in a South Korea shipyard 1979
  • Commissioned Philippine Navy in 1980
  • Decommissioned in 1993, when she was 50 years old
  • Recommissioned by Philippine Navy in 1996

Still in service in 2011 having undergone several refits while in the Philippine Navy, including removal of obsolete WWII weapon systems.

She’s the flagship of the Philippine Navy as of early 2011. The navy purchased a U.S. Coast Guard High Endurance Cutter around March 2011. It’s not clear if she has been commissioned in the Philippine Navy, but reports say she will become the new flagship. The cutter was built in 1965.

Slightly related is that Thailand wants to buy six diesel electric submarines from Germany which were built in the 1970s. The Germans want to get rid of them because of the high cost and lack of credible naval threat to the country. The Thai plan has been criticized because of the high cost and lack of credible naval threat to the country.


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