Health Update: All Good News

A little over 2 months ago I began taking prescription Proton Pump Inhibitor for my GERD, AKA acid reflux. Followed doctor’s orders and stopped the pills after two months. So far no problems. While on the pills I determined what I’ve had to stop eating (citrus juice, papaya salad because of the vinegar and lime juice, or green curry) what I can’t take on an empty stomach but can if the portion is small and I’ve just had a meal (coffee). Lifestyle changes include smaller meals, no naproxin (alleve) or any related NSAIDs, no lying down for three hours after meals, dinner is the smallest meal of the day, and chewing throughly.

These changes also require altering habits that had nothing to do with food before. I read after waking up instead of reading myself to sleep after lunch. Watch TV and movies on my laptop placed on top of the fridge because I shouldn’t lie down and I already sit too much. The standing does allow me to get some stretching in. I’ve lost about 4 kg (8.8 lbs) and now the shorts I brought from the Phils fit again, which means i can remove the shorts purchased in Thailand without unbuttoning them.


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