Western Food Supermarket, Part 2

In Part 1 from March of last year, I wrote “I found the supermarket for Westerners. Brand names from home(s), items not sold elsewhere. Expensive, as expected. I’m not one to get food cravings so when I do get a kitchen I don’t expect to be here very often.” I’m now a regular shopper but it’s more because of diet management than food cravings. Making a small meal for dinner without a kitchen meant instant noodles, canned fish and any veggies I might have. That was OK for when I misjudged the sky and choose to eat noodles and fish, again, instead of getting rained on.

The need to eat a small evening meals every day meant such monotony and MSG had to stop. The replacement was obvious: sandwiches and fresh veggies. There are two bakeries in town that make breads for the Europeans*, two delis with enough types of pork sausage and cold cuts to keep me trying new things for months and a decent selection of cheeses. About every four days I buy a new small loaf of bread and select at least one new meat or cheese to go on it. Below is today’s haul.

Clockwise from the whole wheat bread is roast beef, herring filets in dill-herb sauce, mild cheddar, sprouted peas and what I hope is a bratwurst flavored sandwich spread. Label says Schweinefleisch 92%, so I’m sure it’s a can of pork [something]

At first I thought this was processed cheese. Nope, it’s real cheese. For this Aussie cheese company Tasty = Cheddar, Extra Tasty is Aged Cheddar, and Strong and Bitey is Vinage Cheddar.

*About that European bread. In the late 80s I had a Ukrainian girlfriend who was born and raised in Germany. She told me that most Germans thought that American beer and bread wasn’t good enough to feed dogs. In later years I found such sentiments extended beyond Germany.


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