Lucky Photo

Every two weeks there is a new ‘Biweekly Shootout’ in the forums at The moderator issues a photo challenge, a dozen or two people post and comment. It’s not a contest, it’s a learning opportunity. People try to make their best photo within the guidelines, but it’s not a contest. No sir.

The current shootout is to photograph a back lit subject. That’s easy to do, just put the subject between the camera and the light source. Getting the exposure right is the tricky part. Finding a subject that looks good in silhouette and is between, or can be placed between, camera and a powerful light source is harder.

The coast faces east and squid boats are usually resting on the sand or floating close to shore. Figured it would be easy to position one between me and the morning sun or the reflection of the sun off the ocean. There were a few boats and most were perpendicular to the shore which made for an unappealing profile. Took photos anyway but kept walking. Then I found one anchored at an angle to the shore. And it was the first one with a flag, though it was hanging limp. And a brief whisper of wind lifted the flag just as I had exposure set and subject framed. And the sea was the smoothest I’ve seen it. And the sky, which usually has high thin and mottled morning overcast was almost uniform in color and texture. I’ll take credit for setting the exposure and selecting point of view, but the rest was luck.

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