Where to Exercise Walk?

My aerobic fitness has dropped to an all time low. A few weeks ago an easy half hour walk left me with lungs beginning to hurt from oxygen debt at the 15 minute mark. That was a wake up call so I’ve done some more beach walks when I wake early enough and there is good cloud cover.

I’ve exercised regularily since my Junior year of college. Stopping now seems pretty stupid. Between sun, biting insects, dogs that might bite, getting hit by traffic and pollution from traffic there is no attractive option for outdoor exercise walking. For now I’m walking on the beach. That’s not good enough, so I went gym shopping today. I’ve been to all of them last year so this was to refresh my memory.

Fitness Center at Sport Villa

Air con in name only, it’s a closed stuffy fanless room otherwise. Two treadmills, 2 bikes, medium sized set of weight machines. 1k b (~$33) a month during off season. Nope. Two far to ride to find the treadmills are occupied and don’t want to workout in a room where 31 degrees C (88 F) is considered air con.

Gym on Soi 94.

Two treadmills and 2 strider machines. No air con but has doors on three sides and fans. 1k B (~$33) a month when I was last a member. Nope. Stopped going because of waiting for treadmills.

@Letic Gym at the mall

Opens earliest of the three which suits my awake-at-6am-too-often sleeping habits. 10 treadmills, some striders, a rower and a peleton of stationary bicycles. Air Con so no need for everyone to workout early before it gets hot. Big set of weight machines in an uncrowded room, 7 types of group fitness classes. 2k b per month. Going to try a month after returning from trip to Isaan that should start in a few days.


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