Failure to Defrost was Expensive

The only refrigerators I’ve seen in furnished apartments both in Thailand and the Philippines have what I call the ice cube section. It’s below freezing, but it’s not below 0 F. It’s not a proper, separate freezer.

These ice cube sections frost up because of the humidity and temperature difference between it and the main area of the fridge. Heard a story from a reliable source about a man who used his apartment as a home base, leaving for weeks at a time to travel. Apparently his fridge needed defrosting before one such trip. During the trip the expanding ice forced open the fridge’s door to the outside air. Spoilage ensued, followed by Major Big Stink. The smell wasn’t noticed for a while because the apartment windows were closed. Landlord dinged him substantially for the cost of the repeated cleaning it took to get rid of the stink.


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