How Not to Plan Travel

The net makes travel planning both too easy and too difficult. I will be going to provinces where not many Thais speak English so I wanted to know basics about transport, lodging, things to do and where the night markets were located. Most of that was easy.

Some facts were hard to determine because sources differed. For example, The Lonely Planet guidebook says Khon Kaen has two bus stations, Air Con and Ordinary. Says there are four buses a day to Udon Thani from the Air Con station. That didn’t make sense. Both towns are on the major route between Bangkok and Laos. Should be many more than that.

A lot of digging confirmed the Air Con bus station info. What the Lonely Planet (and many bloggers) missed was there are 2nd class Air con buses running to Udon every 20 minutes from the Ordinary bus station. This came from expat forums for the two towns, so I’m inclined to believe it.

That evening I was shooting pool. Mentioned how much time I wasted trying to sort this out. My opponent didn’t even look up from the shot he was lining up and said “How long would it take to check both bus stations?”. D’oh! Not very long. They’re about 800 yards apart.

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