Isaan Trip: Day 4 – Khon Kaen

Planned to make an overnight pit stop in Khon Kaen but didn’t expect to sleep through most of it. Took a pain pill last night and found out the hard way it contained caffeine. Buzzz. So I napped on the long bus leg of the journey there, napped before and after a late lunch then pounded some serious Zs that night.

Was awake long enough to confirm that KK is a large town with little foreigner presence. Looked for a better hat but all the market vendors sell the same stuff that didn’t fit in Phimai. The few wide brimmed hats I found at the mall didn’t come close to fitting.  Next stop is Udon Thani, a town with an expat population.  Maybe it has enough fat heads there so I can find something for my big skull.


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