Isaan Trip: Bus Stuff

After all the research I did trying to solve which bus station in Kohn Kaen had the more frequent buses to Udon, the problem was solved for me.  After I told the tuk-tuk driver to go to the bus station, he asked where I was going.  “Udon”, I said.  He knew which station was best.  Only waited about 10 minutes before the bus pulled out. Don’t have a clue which station he took me to, except that it was the correct one.

Was the only foreigner on 5 bus rides (BKK – Korat, Korat – Phimai, Phimai – Korat, Korat – Kohn Kaen, Kohn Kaen – Udon Thani).

In the Korat bus station foodcourt the few foreigeners placed their bags on the floor or on a seat while eating. Silly foreigners, don’t we know the floor is dirty? All the Thais had their bags on the tables.

Which is more comfortable?  Option 1: Cram an airline sized overnight bag partially under the seat and squeezing my legs into the remaining space.  Option 2: Put the bag in the luggage compartment and worry every time the compartment is opened.  Until this trip I’ve used #2 with my valuables in a small bag I carry on.  Why #1 this time?  Isaan is the poorest region of the country.

Lonely Planet says my Udon lodging is within walking distance of the bus station.  Map showed it was about one kilometer.  That’s nothing for the LP backpacker types.  Walked it just to see how it was for me. Sweaty but not a problem.


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