Isaan Trip: Returned Home

The six hours I had to kill between checking out of the guesthouse and boarding the train unfortunately coincided with the hottest afternoon on the trip. By the time the train guys converted the seats into berths I was too tired to be pissed that I’d screwed up and purchased an upper instead of a lower. By the next morning when they announced the train would be 2.5 hours late into Bangkok I was too zombie-brained to care. By the time I boarded the van to Hua Hin I was beyond hoping that my favorite seat, the one with leg room and no one sitting next to it, would be open. It was. Still, by the time I got home I was almost as tired as the 2 gentlemen below that I met in Nong Khai.

Started fleshing out my trip notes. Expect to post written impressions and pictures of the highlights as I work my way through the photos.

Before the trip I decided my pathetic level of fitness dictated a gym membership and regular attendance. Joined this morning, worked out this afternoon. I’ll be back.


One Response to Isaan Trip: Returned Home

  1. I’m enjoying your tales of Thailand. As a likewise “seasoned” traveler, I’m headed for Vietnam come Oct/Nov – planning to settle as an expat, teach EFL and explore that whole corner of the globe (SEA). Check out my blog:

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