Snacks for Bus from 7/11 in Isaan

Couldn’t use my two usual sources, a western expat oriented market and my drawer of dried fruits and nuts. 7/11 it had to be. Convenience stores are great if one’s tastes run toward fried salty things or the combo of white flour and white sugar, just like in the US. I avoid both those food categories. In Thailand they also carry various dried fish items and various types of sweet breads that appear to be mostly air. I avoid sweet breads and a little dried fish goes a long way. Still, I knew I’d be able to find something.

Clockwise, starting in top left corner:
– Unknown nuts with an unknown, vaguely coffee flavored coating. Can’t remember if the white specs are salt, sugar or sesame. They were good.

– Small bananas, partially dried with a sweet coating. Opening the container along the seam requires wire cutters. But the top and bottom panels are thin and soft so I just poke a key through and rip it open. A tad sweet for me.

– Crispy Peanut with Wild Yam. Don’t know about you, but I haven’t been getting enough Wild Yam in my diet. These were good.

– Peanuts, Anchovies and Chili. Whoo hoo! Haven’t seen these since Malaysia. Should have bought more.


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