Isaan Trip: Cost

Total trip cost, starting and ending at my front door and covering everything in between, was 11960 bt (~ $399). That covered 9 nights of lodging with A/C and hot water. Transport was 6 A/C bus rides and 1 with fans and open windows, an overnight train ride in second class and 2 days of motorcycle rental. About 3/4ths of meals were in restaurants, the rest from street vendors.

I knew Isaan was going to be inexpensive before I went, but had no idea that my per day average would be a little less than that of a typical month in Hua Hin. I’ve read the last five years have seen more expats moving to the larger towns in Isaan. In 2005 one received 75 Thai Baht for every British Pound. Today it’s around 49:1. That’s probably the biggest reason there are more expats in Isaan than before.


2 Responses to Isaan Trip: Cost

  1. Yikes! Doing the math – that’s ~$44+ per day. Not bad for traveling, but… “…a little less than that of a typical month in Hua Hin.”? Times 30 days (a month) that makes your expenses in Hua Hin – what? more than $1300 per month??!

    • Four Letter Nerd says:

      Actually ~40 a day (10 nights: 9 on land + 1 on train). Hua Hin is one of the most expensive places to live in Thailand. First 8 months here averaged ~1400 a month ( It’s going to be higher this year because of a hospitalization and subsequent purchase of health insurance.

      One can live in Thailand for a lot less than that. I could get by without air con for sleeping, hot water, the occasional imported steak or whole fresh fish, and $2 cappuccinos. But I’m well under what I could spend per day so I’m enjoying the luxuries and Hua Hin for now.

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