Nong Khai Sculpture Park: Impressions and Photos

The actual name is Sala Kaew Ku. It’s a park featuring statues inspired by Buddhism and Hinduism. It’s the singular vision of one man and his followers. The giant statues first capture one’s attention, like this 75 foot tall one of Lord Buddha under the protection of a Naga.

I soon found the details more interesting than the extravaganza.

Some describe the sculptures as bizarre or surreal. I’d like to know the religious connection, if any, behind the works before using those labels. Though my first idea for the title of the statue shown below is ‘My God can beat your God any day of the week’.

One of the first statue groups past the entrance is a pack of dogs harassing an elephant. Wonder if that’s more about politics than religion.

I got a late start on the day I visited, not reaching the park until 10am. One hour in the sun was enough for my body but not enough for my imagination. Spent too much time in photo mode and not enough time absorbing. Should have spent more time like this gentleman.

Nong Khai Sculpture Park album.


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