The 7 Links Project

Tripbase recently started ‘The 7 Links Project’. It’s purpose is “To unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.” Its also a way to generate more traffic on their site. I wouldn’t have found the site unless someone who read my blog tagged me for the project. The site is a decent source of info, as is the site by the woman who tagged me, so I’ll play along.

Most Beautiful Post. My 4 favorite pictures from Chiang Mai.

Most Popular Post and Most Surprise Success. About the Philippine custom of 12 round fruits for New Years.

Most Controversial. None.

Most Helpful. Not a lot of info in English on the direct buses between Hua Hin and Chiang Mai so my post gets hit a lot from Google searches.

Post that didn’t get attention it deserved. None. I don’t presume to be helpful, insightful or useful. If others find it so, then I’m glad I helped.

Most Proud Of. Knew right off which one but took took me a while to decide to use it and not substitute my second choice. A foreigner with a $2k a month budget in the Phils is rich by their standards. I don’t know how girls and young women look at marrying a foreigner but the male expats describe it as it’s like the girl just won the lottery because of the financial help he is expected to provide her family. Needless to say, unprincipled expats take advantage of the Filipinas and vice versa.

I met a 28 year old Filipina who I expect to be friends with (to the extent that’s possible over the net) for the rest of my life. We text almost every day. I’m keeping my promise to send her one photo of me a month for the rest of my life. How involved were we? I kissed her on the cheek once.

The post I’m proud of is not about her, it’s about another girl I saw only a few times. I’m proud of the post because I went to the Phils with some beliefs about who I was and found those beliefs to be true. I don’t mention what those beliefs are in the post, but maybe the reader can figure it out: A girl from the provinces.

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