Gym & Kitesurfing

Purchased a one month gym membership in June for reasons mentioned here. Went about 2/3rds of the days then took 2 weeks off because that’s the sort of procrastinator I am. Joined again, this time for 3 months. Doubt I’ll renew it. It will be winter so walking on the beach will be much more appealing. Plus the high season gym prices will be in effect.

Have been thinking about kite surfing again. Were I in better shape I would have tried it. The concept is appealing and it looks like fun. I already know how to fly a two line stunt kite well enough to perform tricks. Throw in more hours than I can count on surfboard, skateboard, sailing and a little of both water skiing and snowboarding and it seems like the learning curve would be shorter than for most. Unless the lessons were too much in one day for my body. I used to like easing into a new physical activity. Last decade or so it’s become a necessity to avoid hobbling around from muscle soreness and recovery from minor overuse injuries. Didn’t know what physical capabilities were needed for kitesurfing so procrastination took over.

Then I realized I could buy or rent one of the small kites used for dry land teaching. Or buy some stackable stunt kites, adding on kites as I got in shape for the specific demands of dual line kites in a fresh breeze.

I remember in the ’80s one kite company’s introduced a new policy along with a new type of stackable kite. They would sell 1 or 3 but not 2. Reason given was that most adults can control 1 kite in most breezes, while those same people would realize that there is no way they can out-muscle three kites and would fly accordingly. Two kites gives one the illusion one can win the battle of pilot weight vs kite wing lift, but this is what the company discovered during product development:


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