Backpack vs Suitcase

Thought I knew all the significant pros and cons. Read a blog article on this recently because it didn’t start off (or finish up) taking a position, it only laid out the facts as the blogger had observed over the years. The article covered something I hadn’t seen discussed before: availability of repair. Backpacks are clearly superior in this regard. All it takes is a sewing machine. In the worst case, one could carry a heavy needle, a leather palm covering and some heavy waxed thread. Fix it just like sailors repaired canvas in the olden days.

Anyplace I’m likely to visit with suitcase in tow is also likely to have backpacks for sale. If my suitcase dies I’ll decide then what to replace it with. For now a suitcase is how I roll on the increasingly rare journeys between towns I settle in for a while. I have a carry-on sized backpack for the short trips.


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