A Sense of Rain

Seems like I’ve been here long enough to be able to read the sky.

Today I’d brought a poncho but didn’t want to ride back in the rain. Cars go 30 or 40 kph faster on the highway south of town than I’m comfortable riding. The less than generous shoulder and reduced visibility in the rain meant I wanted to get back to town before the rain started.

The event was the opening of the King’s Cup Elephant Polo tournament. There will be matches all week but only one opening ceremony. The desire to stay conflicted with the need to not die on the road. The rain was slow to come. Event complete, I headed back to the scooter. Stopped to photograph something, first looked at the sky and decided I needed to go. Now.

Reached the apartment 5 minutes before the rain started.

Sometimes I fall asleep in the afternoon on the beach after finishing a chapter. No longer being in the shade will wake me, as will too much noise, and the occasional sand shower from a dog sprinting off to do whatever beach dogs do. The weird awakenings are when I wake for no reason, realize it’s too dark for the hour, look at the sky, pack up immediately, leave, and arrive home minutes before the rain.

The rain sense doesn’t work all the time. I’m getting pretty good at leaving the apartment for the first time of the day and it starts sprinkling long before I reach my destination.


2 Responses to A Sense of Rain

  1. Adrian says:

    Will the rainy season be more or less over by mid Oct when we are there?

    • Four Letter Nerd says:

      WeatherSpark.com is the only place I’ve found climate info at that level of detail (search for Cha-Am, not Hua Hin on their site). It says rain tails off noticeably at the end of October. This year has been drier than last, don’t know what that means for October.

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