Purchased an Airline Ticket

I’m so happy I could sing, specifically to the tune of ‘Mr. Customs Man’ by Arlo Gutherie.

Coming into Bangkok from over the sea
Flying in a big airliner
Children crying everywhere round the plane
I try not to be a whiner

The Malaysia and Singapore trip is a go, either that or I just wasted $85 on the ticket back. I’ll buy a ticket for the sleeper train to Malaysia tomorrow. Return date is set, departure date will be late October or early November.

Motivation for travel planning has been appearing and disappearing like a prairie dog poking his head out of the burrow. Decided the surest way to make it appear long enough to actually go somewhere was to buy a ticket and plan the details later.

AirAsia emailed me a promotion announcement, but all it said was it started at 10pm last night. Got curious this morning so took a look. The promotion is for big price cuts during the lowest part of the low season next year. Not interested. Checked what the current price for a Singapore -> Bangkok ticket was and started salivating. Promo price is half off but that wasn’t mentioned on the home page. Didn’t ask why, just dug out my credit card, passport and bought one.


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