Deep Fried Duck Carcass

Haven’t been to the neighborhood Thai market in months. Like all the markets I’ve seen it sells meat and fish:

Some produce vendors:

And a few vendors of prepared foods:

I was pleased to find the family that ran the fried chicken cart on my soi is now at the market. They disappeared from the usual spot a couple of months ago. Interest in preserving my arteries kept me from looking for their new location. The new stall has more cook and counter space than their cart so they’ve expanded the products offered.

I wish they hadn’t because I both love duck and know about it’s fat content. What I didn’t know was that Deep Fried Duck Carcass existed. The breasts, legs and thighs have been removed, probably for restaurant usage. The carcass has just enough meat on it to reward picking it apart bit by bit, as if that mattered. Duck fat flavored deep fry batter is all the reason I needed to buy one. Twenty baht (~ $0.60).

The stand also sells deep fried chicken feet. Gotta try those next.


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