Don’t Want Train to Kota Bahru, So …

I choose not to enter Malaysia at Kota Bahru, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t stop thinking about going there. Once I started planning what towns to hit and for how long, the obvious answer jumped out at me: There are airplanes and buses in Malaysia. Who knew!

Initial investigation shows two buses a day between Penang and KB, a day one and a night one. Eight and a half hours by one estimate, 7 by another, it doesn’t sound like fun. I guess I’ll just have to break out the credit card and fly between the two towns. Fifty five minute flight for 114 MYR (Malaysian Ringggit), which is 1110 THB (Thai Baht). Yes, I actually converted Ringgits to Baht. Three years after leaving the US I’m converting one foreign currency to another to determine the cost. Some aspects of life in Thailand aren’t so foreign anymore.

Flying costs $36, the bus is $11.50. Talk about a no-brainer decision.


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