Don’t Want Plane to Kota Bahru, So …

Looks like I wasn’t meant to visit Kota Bahru.

First thought about going there instead of Kuala Lumpur for a Thai double entry tourist visa early last year. At the time the consulate in KL was giving single entry only.

Thought about it next as the start of the upcoming Malaysia – Singapore trip because I’d already been down the other rail line to Penang. Dismissed that because of the recent bombings in Southern Thailand.

Third time I considered it was because the flying was cheap and easy. Round trip from Penang is $72 on Firefly, the Malay low cost airline.

But now it’s back to No Go status. Firefly appears to be in competition for the world’s worst airline customer service. In Sept. they began discontinuing all their jet routes, leaving only the short turbo prop ones. Notified people by snail mail, if they notified them at all. Kept selling tickets for flights they knew would never happen. Refunds? Ha!

The reason, which slowly came out, was because they’re partnering with a larger Malay airline. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?


One Response to Don’t Want Plane to Kota Bahru, So …

  1. adrian says:

    Good to see they are maintaining standards!

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