Travel Insurance, Malaysia and Singapore

Yesterday purchased travel insurance for the first time. Before retirement health insurance provided coverage when out of the US. Seemed like the non medical things were longshots and could be handled out of pocket. Can’t recall ever having to spend any non-trivial amount for something that would have been covered by insurance.

My current medical insurance considers 9 SE Asian countries as one’s ‘home country’, including Malaysia. Singapore is not on the list. Singapore is expensive. There’s a connection.

The odds are low of racking up substantial medical bills while in Singapore for 5 days. But it only takes one catastrophically expensive medical condition to turn retirement into a nightmare.

World Nomads was my choice. They’ve been in business for a long time, the coverage was enough and the rates were reasonable.

It’s easy to find complaints about almost any insurance company. Most of the complaints about World Nomads came from people who appeared to have read the benefits brochure but not the terms and conditions document. The company allows one to extend the period of coverage after leaving one’s home country. Some customers were such dim bulbs they thought if they developed a medical problem during the initial coverage period it would continue to be covered during the extension. The document clearly states that is not the case.

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