Hoarding or Lack of Supply?

I’ve got enough dry dog food, canned milk and canned tuna so the girl downstairs can take over my daily feeding of a soi dog while I’m on vacation, so I’m not worried about empty shelves or their cause. But if I were to hoard I now have a better idea what to grab. Ask yourself what types of products would be the most likely to be cleaned out. Presented below are product types in order roughly from most available to unavailable. If I didn’t photograph something it means there is plenty left on the shelves. Or at least there was this morning.

Soy sauce and similar sauces.

Household cleaners.

One of the soda areas.


Tomato sauce and ketchup. The four lower shelves to the right are mayonnaise and mayo based salad cream.

Dried beans and nuts.

Canned fish.

Vermicelli noodles.

Instant Noodles.

Feminine hygiene products.

Toilet paper, paper towels and napkins. But really, most of this shelf was toilet paper.


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