Ill in KL

Got sick so left Tanah Rata for KL where it was warm, more comfortable and had good doctors if needed. It’s another sinus infection. This morning it seems the antibioitics are winning the battle so hopefully this one won’t become a sore throat and lung infection.

One side effect is not feeling like writing, which has spared readers of this blog too much info about such subjects as:

* A bus route with motion sickness bags.

* Wet shoes fermenting into a sour stink then washing then with bleach so they could be worn in public enclosed spaces.

* A western style flush toilet with a throat large enough to down an entire unrolled tissue roll.

* A full description of the sudden change to eating mostly southern Indian foods effects on various bodily scents.


One Response to Ill in KL

  1. adrian says:

    I readily identify with the effects of southern Indian foods – While in Penang and Bangkok we ate mostly that kind of food as it is almost impossible to find in the Philippines. The side effects ARE noticeable 🙂

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