King Grasshopper

Looked like it was about 7 inches long from head to tail. Spotted at the butterfly farm in Tanah Rata.

King Grasshopper


5 Responses to King Grasshopper

  1. susiekew says:


    • Four Letter Nerd says:

      Suzi, so that’s how you spell the sound you made after discovering Hobie, the family cat, had left you a grasshopper on your pillow as a present.

      • susiekew says:

        no, that’s the sound i made when you picked it up and chased me all over the whole freaking house with it!!! (well, ok – i might have made it when i first saw it – mostly dead, except for one feebly moving hind leg …)

  2. adrian says:

    Yummy … Malaysian green curry ingredient?

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