Leaving KL

On the bus to Melaka . . .

KL was a good place to rest and get well. Stayed at the same place when in town to get a Thai tourist visa in March ‘1O. That meant a soft bed, food and pharmacy close by, and a three minute walk to a monorail station for ease of intown exploration. Also provided all the hot water needed to steam drain the sinuses while showering.

Three English cable channels helped put me to sleep. Two should have been called ‘Straight to Video Movies and Six Year Old Filler from History and Discovery Channels’. The third was ESPN showing just the sports I don’t like to watch.

Crap. Bus driver just turned on the Bee Gees.

Rescued a fellow American when changing light rail lines on the way to KL’s southern bus station. He was also going there but headed in the wrong direction. Only reason I was sure how to get there was a trip to buy a ticket a few days ago. That and the lessons learned from my own train debacle yesterday.

It was a lucky break for both of us. He is also looking for places to live where the air pollution won’t cause health problems. Info will be exchanged.


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