Melaka – Impressions

It’s everything the guidebooks say it is. Small, walkable historic core, variety of sights, sounds and tastes. Well worth a few days. Many Malaysian weekend tourists and westerners passing through.

Glad I came. But I’ve had enough of Malaysia for now. Or maybe it’s enough traveling for now. Could be just three nights of less than great sleep in a row. Either way I’m outta here tomorrow and on a bus to Singapore.

Melaka is known for Nyona food. Some of it was weird to me, some OK but nothing that I wanted twice except the coffee. Too many of the things I tried caused a bit of stomach discomfort as it worked to break down these new substances.


8 Responses to Melaka – Impressions

  1. Adrian says:

    So Bill, Malacca would not be a place to live for any period of time it seems?

    • Four Letter Nerd says:

      My comments about Melaka were mostly about me and the state I was in, not about the town. I was in no mood to evaluate it as a place to live. Your impression of Chinatown would probably be much like your reaction to Georgetown’s appearance. Much of the rest of the areas looked like the buildings had been cleaned or painted since construction, at least once.

  2. Bruce says:

    Do you know yet what was in the food that messed with you?

  3. Four Letter Nerd says:

    Dirty as in contaminated with something? The dish has a long and complex preparation, including soaking the Buah Keluak long enough to leech out the poison. Didn’t know about that until after the trip. I think it was just the occasional reaction of my stomach to a big dose of something it’s never handled before.

    • Bruce says:

      oh my .. that could be it alright. It’s quite poss some of the toxins, as w cassava, not quite leached out for whatever reason. I wil try to remember this, cos i am super reactive to any such… Yes, the dosage likely too stiff for your tender innards, chill.

  4. Bruce Kehl says:

    Yo, Chill, long time no communique. How are you now?
    Am back in Cda… finally shipped out of the filthippines and after marrying a sweet honest filipina, am awaiting her arrival at the same time as contemplating working again at something. Am selling my car and scooter in Phils at the same time as having bought a new car here to get around in the wide open spaces of Cda.
    And so … you will be about 53 now, and chugging along as usual?
    Take care, Charlie, Bill, Chill.

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