The Unexpected Best Part of Returning Home

Returning to Hua Hin felt good during the last day of travel. Wasn’t looking forward to anything in particular, only the combination of familiar comforts, no fatigue from trying to squeeze one more thing into a day, less walking, fewer stairs and zero time carrying a backpack. That and being able to wash clothes after every wearing.

The best part was the greeting from Spike, the soi dog I feed every day. Used to be Beh got the food and Spike got the affection. That changed after Beh died in mid September, so Spike has been getting a daily dose of both. Spike doesn’t get excited around people, doesn’t do much but does it slow.

Got off the moto taxi, saw Spike was asleep across the street. She was where the dogs hang out so they can see over the carport to the comings and goings on the second floor of the apartment building, the floor I live on. Dumped the bags in the room, opened the windows then dug out the laptop to start catching up on some TV downloads (Homeland, Community, Walking Dead, Mythbusters and Dexter). Opened the front curtains and saw Spike was sitting up, looking at the apartment. Of course, I had to go say hi and find out if the girl who’d been feeding her for me had fed her today.

The dog went bananas. She bumped me hard enough twice to knock me off balance, stood on her hind legs and rested her front paws on me like an ordinary happy dog, wanted to gnaw on or lick everything is sight, scratched me a couple times and basically committed more acts of emotion in the first 5 seconds of greeting then in the entire past year I’ve known her. She didn’t go ballistic upon my return from the Issan trip, maybe that’s because I was then I was only feeding Beh.

People need dogs as much as dogs need people. Have already thought about taking the next step and getting Spike to a vet for a checkup, shots and to be spayed. Can’t imagine any of that has ever been done.


2 Responses to The Unexpected Best Part of Returning Home

  1. adriandavao says:

    Home, sweet home. Now rush about and do … nothing, for a few days!

    Pets are great, we have 2 stray cats living in our porch. Mum and daughter. Janice starts sneezing if they come into the house, so unfortunately they have to make do with the cardboard box and matting I put there. Still, it’s warm and dry – with 3 meals a day -…luxury in this part of the world where animal lovers seem few and far between.

    • Four Letter Nerd says:

      Doing nothing isn’t an option because I lost my cell phone on the last day of the trip. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to the mall I go. Smartphone, Android, Megapixels and, if I’m sufficiently shortsighted, Angry Birds.

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