Penang – Indian Food for Breakfast

Places serving southern Indian food are hard to miss in the historic core of Penang. Little India lies next to Chinatown but I can’t remember eating any Chinese food. Figured I get enough of that later in the trip, but more importantly had remembered how good it was the first time I visited Penang.

Griddle cooked Roti bread with a savory sauce at a street vendor. 1 Ringgit (~10 Baht or $0.30).

My favorite place from the first trip is located along the side of a building. This shot is from the entrance on the street with little traffic. The other end, which is on a major street, is just as unimpressive. It’s easy to miss from the main street, because one has to walk past a small food stand with a few tables to reach this one. The line of people and the sound of happy eating makes it easier to notice.

Most of the places have three sauces besides the ones each dish was cooked in. The man who loads your plate uses some combo of the four or five to work magic on the rice. This place cooks the largest sauce batches I saw.

Must be barracuda season as they were the only heads displayed each day. Something to look at right before ordering. Didn’t see anybody eating one, I wonder if they’re display only.

Breakfast first day in Penang. Mutton ribs, Okra, long beans, yellow rice and Tea. Makes for a late lunch. 13.60 Ringgit (~136 Baht, $4.50)


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