Penang Photos

I wrote about Penang during the trip and after the trip. Now that I’m home and have had time to edit the photos, here are the best.

Haven’t created a photo album since April. That’s because I’m at the ‘All I Shoot is Bad’ point in the photographer’s life cycle.

Been here once before, back in the film era. Was convinced that the images both my friends and I thought were my best were reasonably well executed cliches. SLR kit was stolen before I had a chance to see what the next stage was.

Anyway, my photos still suck, but not so bad that I won’t share them.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. Restored and open as a hotel. The blue really is that saturated. Photo taken on an overcast day, so I had to increase the saturation during editing to match the blue to my memory and other images found on the web shot on sunny days.

Out of bed in time to shoot in the morning light and I come back with things like this picture of a warehouse. The fun of photography makes it worth it, not sure about the result.

I like this one because the water drop and the bottom of the pond are both in focus but the leaf and water surface between them are not.

Am enjoying and putting to use my new camera’s ability to capture images with a wider range between the brightest and darkest parts than my Cannon S95.

Ferry from Butterworth to Georgetown. Photogs were bumping into each other to get this shot.

The Penang album.


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