Taiping Photos

Wrote about Taiping during the trip, now it’s time for the photos.

Main reason I went to Taiping was to see one of the colonial era hill stations that hasn’t been commercialized. This is Bukit Larut, AKA Maxwell Hill.

The altitude means it’s not as hot as the lowlands.

When one is higher than cloudbase it’s misty, cool and quiet.

Don’t know how stuff this wet burns. Wonder if he’s burning trash.

10:30 am and the dew hasn’t burned off yet.

Wasn’t much in Taping worth taking photos of.

View from the hotel. This was about as clear as the skies got.

The comfort, functionality, organization and cleanliness of this bus station in a regional center with a population of 200k makes the major bus stations for the Philippines second largest city look like crap.

Anybody still use pay phones?


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