Impressions of Singapore

Some say it’s a sterile. Could see why they say that but I prefer describing those same aspects as affluent, colorful, mostly new with some old, everything works.

Violating traffic laws was the exception, and infrequent at that. The city was surprisingly quiet. The light rail system was the best I’ve ever used by any measure I can think of. Heritage exists, is honored but doesn’t hamper their moving ahead.

Getting to the zoo required leaving the light rail at a suburban station for a 35 minute bus ride. Next to the rail station was a ‘Bus Interchange’ station, a central point for the area’s routes. I’d bet there are several bus stations like this in Singapore: air conditioned, clean, in good condition and with a variety of small shops. This bus station was superior in every respect but one to the international airport in Manila. There you can sit down while waiting.

More about Singapore when I post the photos, because seeing them will spark some memories. Still have 2 days worth of photos to edit. Here is a taste.


Yes, sometimes I do take pictures of people.

2 Responses to Impressions of Singapore

  1. Sigh … if only it was affordable to live there! Absolutely TOP of my list for sure.

  2. Four Letter Nerd says:

    I doubt if I could afford to live there on the salary of my last job in the US. Not top of the list for me. If I could afford it I’d be someplace where I could resume flying a sailplane and competing in autocross.

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