Smartphone and iPhone

Lost my mobile phone on the last day in Singapore. Before that had been thinking about buying a smartphone so picked up a htc Wildfire S, a basic*, affordable, low powered* Android phone with a relatively small* and low resolution* screen. For each of those attributes with asterisks, the feature is light years better than my 3 year old Nokia (a basic, affordable 3G phone with a relatively small and low resolution screen), and more than enough for what I expected to do with the phone. So far it’s turned out to be more than enough for my needs.

Realized after a couple days of use I needed a case. This thing was too slippery to hold without paying attention and too expensive to drop. That’s where the iPhone connection comes in. Steve Jobs was legendary for being insanely persnickety about the physical details of the phone. From the are-you-kidding-me features (no user changeable battery because the seam would collect pocket lint and that was just too hideous to contemplate) to the ridiculous design decisions (there are a many shades of off-white and he had to see most of them mocked up before deciding which one was perfect). But Apple has sold a Gillion of them, so what do I know.

Well, I now realize that the sculpted, seamless fingerprint-proof off-white beauty of the iPhone is usually covered up by a tacky gel plastic case for grip, padding if dropped and the owner’s individual expression. What was the point of all that beauty? And don’t the cases cover up the area where the battery access seams would be?


One Response to Smartphone and iPhone

  1. susiekew says:

    my tacky gel plastic case is pink … 😀

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