Impressions of Singapore Airport

The airport has won many ‘Best Airport in the World’ awards so I was interesting what I’d notice during a brief pass through.

Check in and security went fast partially because there weren’t many people in the place at 7:15am. Stopped for some food and then coffee. Both places served better than expected quality at less than expected prices. The furniture, layout and ingress/egress points for both were designed for people hauling luggage and luggage trolleys. Everything was clean and looked new or newish.

Signage was excellent. It even indicated walking time to distant gates.

Free internet computer stations were available. Had to stand to use them but air travel involves so much sitting that who cares? Automatically cut off after 15 minutes but if no one is waiting you can start over. These stations were in both common areas and at the gates. Also at the gates were a group of seats as the designated WiFi area complete with a few power outlets. Both free, of course.

Seating at the gates was padded but too upright for my taste and poor posture. Just outside the gate were some lines of seats with a more relaxed seat back angle and decent headrest. Comfortable enough that I’d set an alarm before relaxing and closing my eyes.

It was quiet. Few public address announcements. Only ones I remember were ‘last call’ boarding announcements.

[Updated 24-Feb-14: Dead Link]Day started well with a ride on the Beesy Bus airport shuttle. Serves 21 hotels, hostels, guest houses and inns. Pickups were all in an area served by two LRT stations so that went fast. Could have taken the LRT but the bus (actually a big minivan with ample room) was faster and didn’t involve humping my luggage 10 minutes to the nearest LRT station. Glad I took it. Cost 8 Singapore dollars.

Airport services for a fee include a pool, nap room, amusement area, movie theaters and so on. Didn’t know about or notice them, maybe they were in one of other two terminals.


One Response to Impressions of Singapore Airport

  1. Rick says:

    Singapore Airport is the cleanest airport in the world. Been to them all. You are aware that chewing gum in Singapore is illegal. You figure that one out. I understand and agree 100%.

    I do beleive that one could take a four day vacation inside the Singapore Airport and never have to go outside the security of the airport itself. It is amazing, clean, beautiful and designed with travelers in mind.

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