Traveling at the Speed of Whim

This soon to be old dog does learn new tricks though sometimes slowly and decades after most took it to be a self evident truth. Just to be clear to the readers who know me in the real world, this post is about travel, not my love life 😉

Trying to optimize use of time and money while traveling requires planning, IMHO. Traveling with unlimited time in the last 3 years has taught me that optimizing use of time and money while traveling means sub-optimizing the travel experience.

Whim is good. Following it is better. At worse it leads to destinations and guesthouses one wants to leave after resting up. But that’s an adventure. Can be a shared camaraderie with the others in the guesthouse who didn’t take the road more traveled.

My Malaysia & Singapore trip was relatively unplanned by my standards. Had a train ticket in, plane ticket out and lodging reservations in the first and last destinations. Traveling by whim along a path I’d researched went well. Next step will be to spend less time researching before the trip.

So for the Vietnam trip I’ll do what I think is the minimum to make getting in and out of the country easy (visa, flights, train south from Hanoi, first and last night’s lodging). Pre-trip planning will at an overview level instead of my usual minute detail, assuming I can resist the urge. Areas covered will be highlights to see, experiences to do, transport between town and train, safety tips, downloading maps and finding out what the penalty is for kicking a taxi driver in the nuts. I hate taxi drivers.

The title of this post came to me while responding to an email from a man I met in Malaysia, using it to describe his traveling style. A few times the babble that came out of my mouth or keyboard seemed odd enough that I Googled the phrase.

Have thought about starting something on the web just for my trip related stuff. I’ve found the title but who knows if it will ever happen.


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