Hua Hin Guesthouses

Guy I met in Malaysia will be passing through Hua Hin soon. His guide book is out of date. Budget guesthouses don’t usually have a website so he asked for a little help. If the copy below reads like a series of emails, it is because that’s what they are. Including it here might help a wider audience.

This post would be a lot more useful with addresses and phone numbers. Don’t have those because I was planning on accompanying my friend as he looked for one. If you find this post useful and have the address or phone number you could leave them as a comment.

– HH is expensive but there are some cheap places, as in <400. Don't remember the prices, but they were all the top floor, fan room, bath down the hall type rooms. Don't remember any dorm style places, but I think there is one – or at least it's sign is still up. I remember where they are, so I'd be happy to take an hour or so and collect some prices for you.

Looked at some of the next level up (500-800 a night) when I needed a place for two weeks. Jings looked the best and gets suggested often on the expat forum. Only drawback is it’s in the bar district, so expect noise. Mr. Dans is out of the tourist district, has food, drink, 7/11 and transport close, but in easy walking distance to the district. Fan rooms from 400 All Nations guest house has 400b rooms. If your guide book is old it will have the wrong location, the old one burned and they moved. They’re on a quiet end of the tourist district

– All are fan rooms with en suite unless indicated.
Bird GH. Not sure if en suite or shared. Free wifi. On a short pier.
Sirima GH. 450. On a long pier.
21 GH. 200 shared bath. 300 AC & Bath. This is the place that scares people away by offering a 100b room.
Memory GH. 300 – 400, small or big room.
Shed GH. 400 shared bath. Just outside the bar district.

There are also several bars that have GH upstairs. 400b is the usual price indicated on the sign. No idea if they actually get overnight customers or if they’re short time rooms. Either way, can’t imagine anybody would be around in the morning if one needed something.

– Passed two more places this morning I’d forgot about but was reminded by their signs. The Fat Cat has fan rooms for 400 – 500. Jailhouse has rooms for 500 with air, tv and fridge. Neither mentioned bathroom. Both foreigner owned GHs sitting on top of restaurants. Both in the quietest corner of the tourist district.

Les Bobo’s. Just off the night market street.


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