Dec. 25th

Between being in a predominatly Buddhist country and personally not paying much attention to Christmas for much of my adult life (unless a girlfriend was involved) it’s just another day here. But some of the shops put out decorations for the tourists so it doesn’t pass unnoticed. A couple times I spontaneously decided to gift myself. Here are the highlights of my almost ordinary day.

If the sold out crowd on the 24th at Lucky Restaurant didn’t eat all the turkey then turkey sandwiches are on the menu the next day — but get there early.

One sandwich was enough for lunch but didn’t stop me from half a slice of chocolate cake afterwards. As usual, I found cake good for 2 bites then too sweet for the rest.

The wind was honkin’ all night and still blowing a stiff breeze so I went to the waterfront to see what kind of wind waves the sheltered Gulf of Thailand could generate. Biggest I’ve seen here so far, but that doesn’t mean they’d be called big anywhere else. What looks like a beach in the photo is the end of a road covered with sand from the storm waves.

In early evening walked past the massage shop where my favorite massage lady works. I’m not one to do things just because I’ve never done them before or make regular use of basic luxuries, what some would call essentials. This isn’t an essential, but heck, it was Christmas. Realized it had been ages since I received a gift that totally surprised me so I gave one of those to myself. Have no idea what these things cost in the US, here it was 200 b (~$6.66).


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