Roasted Pork Throat

Don’t write much about Thai food because everyone knows what it is, except for some regional foods here that have not been exported for good reason. I’ll try just about any food that has never been presented on Fear Factor, and I’ve even eaten some of those. But Roasted or Grilled Pork Throat didn’t appeal for two reasons.

First is I’ve eaten but don’t care for tongue, tripe and intestines so why would I like another organ in that chain? Second reason is when I have seen it ordered the cook takes a hunk of room temperature meat, slices it then reheats. It’s the room temperature part, AKA bacteria ranch, that is unappealing. Been slowly exploring those sorts of meals with no ill effect so finally decided to try pork throat. Roasted, not grilled.

It’s gooood.

The name is a misnomer. The dish is not an organ, its meat. Neck meat. Tender, rich porky flavor and just enough fat to scare cholesterol counters. Served with a sweet/spicy tamarind based sauce.

Can’t link to a copyrighted photo, so copy and paste this url.
คอหมูย่าง/grilled pork throat: Chonburi, Thailand


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