Krill Fisherman on the Beach

Noticed the rolled up hand fishing nets as I approached the beach. Had seen them in use but didn’t know what they were fishing for. Hadn’t seen them this late in the day before, wondered what that meant. Also what’s with the pickup trucks that smell like fish? It’s rare anyone parks at the beach end of this soi.

Some krill nets.

Straining the krill.

It was a good day for the krill fishermen. The white sacks are filled with krill. The tubs filled with water hold krill. Workers run sieves through the krill, let it drain, examine the contents closely, carefully pick out a few things which are tossed aside, dump the contents back into the tub and start again. One guy keeps adding sea water to the tubs. I guess that’s because it’s easier to spot the foreign matter when the krill are alive.

The tourists in the background are enjoying their day at the beach scented by kilos and kilos of recently dead shrimp.


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